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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Extra Jack Stands to Reduce Bounce

We're going to be going camping soon and my Son, his wife and my new grandson will be joining us.
Now my wife and I are good with the little bit of bounce in the trailer when we walk around, but let me tell you, my son is a Big Guy and when he walks in my house I feel it move.

So I bought a pair of these Eaz-Lift 48860 Telescopic Jacks off Amazon.

Each can handle 6000 pounds
And they are adjustable from 16" to 30"
They work sort of like a regular jack stand in that you use the pin to get it close in height then spin the top and crank it up tight.

I tested them in the driveway last night putting them midway between the stabilizers (right in front of the wheels) to reduce the overall bounce from the suspension.
WOW what a difference it made.